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Wednesday 3/14/2012 Supreme Leader: Oil Is A Durable Asset Not A Source of Income In a three hour visit to the Research Institute of the Petroleum Industry (RIPI) on Monday, Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei stressed on necessity of changing the current view on oil industry as a source of revenue and providing income for annual budget.
Addressing at a gathering of oil industry’s managers and employees, the Supreme Leader praised the valuable and prominent achievements by oil industry staff.
Referring to his visit to Assaluyeh (Onshore installations of the South Pars gas field) during the beginning days of current Iranian calendar year, which was named the Year of Economic Jihad by Supreme leader, Ayatollah Khamenei said: The last days of the Year of Economic Jihad, like its early days, was associated with paying a visit to oil industry related institutes which implies the very deep and sensitive role the sector plays in economic growth and development of the country.
Supreme Leader described spending oil revenues for handling daily economic issues unwise adding oil revenues as a heritage and treasury should be a durable asset and a strong backing for the country. 
Supreme Leader called setting up the National Development Fund an important initiative adding under the five year development plan, at least 20 percent of the oil revenues should by deposited in the fund for promotion of production and bolstering industrial sector, a positive move that has been started and should be continued.
Ayatollah khamenei said: At current situation oil revenues are a disadvantage for the most oil producing countries adding those countries selling their oil based on policies dictated by western oil companies and don’t make any effort to acquire advanced technology or localize the industry are loser even if the pocket of their rulers to be filled.
Elaborating on the ways to change oil to a strong leverage, Ayatollah Khamenei said: We should act in a way that in any circumstances to take the initiative on the level of oil production and its sale based on our interests, a step that has been taken and God willing will fully materialize in near future and will change Islamic Republic of Iran to an model for other countries.
Elsewhere in his remarks, the Supreme Leader thanked admirable efforts made by experts, researchers, officials and employees of the oil industry stating the Islamic Republic of Iran ranks the first in view of holding accumulated oil and gas reserves in the world so it should try to promote its technological and know-how finding accordingly so that achieve the highest ranks in the world.
The Supreme Leader referred to the importance of research activities and its impact on scientific and technological achievements adding proper and planned use of all industrial capacities will speed up achievements in oil and gas sector.
Source: SHANA

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