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Oilfield Service Companies
Pension, Saving & Welfare Funds
Website: http://
Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)
Website: http://
National Iranian Gas Export Company (NIGEC)
Website: http://http://www.nigec.ir/default.aspx
Petroleum Industry Health Organization
Website: http://
Research Institute of Petroleum Industry (RIPI)
Website: http://http://www.ripi.ir/index.php
email: info@ripi.ir
Chairman of the Board & Assembly
Website: http://
Naftiran Intertrade Company (NICO)
Website: http://http://www.naftiran.com/
Khazar Oil Company
Website: http://
National Iranian Gas Export Company
Website: http://www.nigec.ir
email: info@nigec.ir
National Iranian South Oil Company
Website: http://www.nisoc.com
email: info@nisoc.com
National Iranian Offshore Oil Company
Website: http://www.iooc.co.ir
email: webmaster@iooc.co.ir
National Iranian Central Oil Fields Co.
Website: http://www.icofc.ir
email: info@icofc.ir
Khazar Exploration & Production Co.
Website: http://
Petroleum Engineering & Development Co.
Website: http://www.pedec.ir
email: info@pedec.net
Pars Oil and Gas Company
Website: http://www.pogc.org
email: info@pogc.ir
Pars Special Economic Energy Zone (PSEEZ)
Website: http://www.pseez.com
email: Info@pseez.com
Oil Terminals Company (OTC)
Website: http://www.nioc-otc.com
email: Info@nioc-otc.com
National Iranian Drilling Company
Website: http://www.nidc.ir
email: webmaster@nidc.ir
North Drilling Company
Website: http://www.northdrilling.com
email: info@northdrilling.com
PetroIran Development Company
Website: http://www.petroiran.com
email: info@petroiran.com
Ahwaz Pipe Mills Company
Website: http://www.apm-ir.com
email: tabibi@apm-ir.com
Iranian Fuel Conservation Organization (IFCO)
Website: http://www.ifco.ir
email: info@ifco.ir
National Iranian Tanker Co.
Website: http://www.nitc.co.ir
email: administrator@nitc.co.ir
Exploration Service Company (ESC)
Website: http://www.oeoc.ir
email: info@oeoc.ir
Kala Naft London Ltd.
Website: http://www.kalaltd.com
email: admin@kalaltd.com
Kalanaft Company
Website: http://www.kalanaft.com
email: info@kalanaft.com
Arvandan Oil and Gas Company
Website: http://www.arvandan.org
email: info@arvandan.org
Greece Oil Export Halt

Rostam Ghasemi, Iran’s Minister of Petroleum announced on Monday (8th April 2012) that export of Iranian crude to Greece has been halted for the time being.
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