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Oil and Gas Production Companies

    The company was set up after the Islamic Revolution and following the dissolution of oil companies such as Lavan Petroleum Co.(Lapco), Iranian Marine Int. Oil Co. (Iminoco), Iran Pan American Co. Opac) Sirip and Sofiran.
    The company's operation in the Persian Gulf is divided into the northern and southern regions or zones. The northern region includes the Kharg and Bahregan oil fields.
    The southern region embraces the Lavan and Siri Oil fields. The National Iranian Offshore Co. has the production capacity of over 640,000 barrels of crude oil per day at present.

    • The following tabulation provides basic data on the production capability of oil fields operating under the company's supervision.

    Region Main Fields No. of wells* Length of Pipe line(km)** No. of platforms
      Kharag  Forouzan Abuzar Soroush Doroud 193 453 5
       Lavan   Salman Reshadat Resalat 95 509 3
       Siri   Nosrat Siri C/D Alvand Esfand 100 541 1
      Bahregan   Norouz Bahregan Hendijan 23 238 2
      Total   419 1441 11


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