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Environment &Society
HSE Public Welfare Oil & Tourisms Glossary About Iran
Major HSE Achievements
In line with fostering the environmental culture, NIOC has intensively cultivated trees and developed horticultural areas from 1025.22 hectares in 2006 to 1033.05 in 2007, increased by 0.76 percent.
Environmental Activities
Projects of gathering associate gasses were carried out at the level of NIOC that aimed to prevent from air pollution caused by oxidation of these gases in torches, and to recover and save energy. These projects are as follows:
a.     Project of gathering associate gases of Bangestan, Ab-Teymur, Mansouri, Ahwaz and Kuyal (Amak).
b.     Project of gathering associate gases of Lab Sefid, Masjed Soleyman, and Haftgol oilfields.
c.      Project of gathering associate gases and producing NGL in operational regions of Siri and Khark.
d.     Project of gathering associate gases of Khesht, Dehloran, Sarkan, Maleh-Kuh, Cheshmeh-Khosh and Saadat-Abad.
-         MOT and MOS
To maintain and clean dozens of wells in the suburb of cities, in particular Ahwaz, a certain amount of crude oil existing in pipelines and wellhead facilities are annually flared in the fuel pit. This not only causes air pollution, but also leads to economic loss of dozen barrels of crude oil per annum. Presently, two facilities, namely MOT and MOS are used in National Iranian South Oilfields Company.
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