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Oil industry, for the time being, is the world\s most essential and powerful industry whose ever sky-rising monetary circulation in the world’s markets shocks every insider. Reaching oil resources has been the cause of many wars, coups, and massacres over a century. It has undoubtedly had a key role for superpowers in determining the world’s political borders after the first and the second World Wars. World’s nations are now of three types: “oil-rich exporters,” “oil consumers and buyers,” and “oil-rich consumers.” Oil and its products are essential in preparing short-term strategic plans and annual budget of every country in each of these categories. Even the world’s distinguished economic experts in international markets believe that oil itself plays a key role in countries’ destiny and economy.
Oil discovery in the late 19th century in Pennsylvania revolutionized the world’s economic, political, and social life. Oil giant companies, cartels, and terraces were established. They earned huge fortunes by investing and macro-policy making in oil business. Well-equipped with advanced military equipment, colonial diplomacy, and coercion, they looted third countries’ natural resources. We can still see the remnants of such invasions after a century; US presence in the Persian Gulf supports this claim. The traces of colonizers’ presence are quite clear in our country’s history. Oil Nationalization in 1953 and stopping the oil export made the Iranian King to leave the country. However, after a while the US-backed coup, staged on the 28th of Mordad, made the incumbent government to collapse. This paved the way for re-looting the country’s oil under the mask of the consortium. However, turning off the head gates, Iranian employees put an end to the looting during the Islamic Revolution.
Iranian oil industry began a hundred years ago, when oil was discovered in Masjed Soleiman for the first time, and it has survived and developed since then.
After a hundred years, we proudly celebrate the anniversary of the oil industry for we have managed to handle this industry using our own experts. We believed “we could do it,” so we could develop our expertise on sophisticated refinery equipment and penetrate deep into the oil and gas wells. We learned and handed our knowledge over to the next generation and we made the world believe that “we can do it” and that no malice action or sanction can stop Iranians. Waging the imposed war against us, our enemies believed they could stop us by targeting our oil facilities, bombing tankers, and blocking oil experts. Alas! They did not know that the more we are suppressed, the more we flourish, for Iranians do sacrifice themselves to safeguard their country. During the eight years of the holy war, we never let our enemies’ dream about blocking oil exports come true. We now proudly admit that we have managed to reconstruct our sophisticated facilities in the refineries, different offshore platforms, petrochemical plants, and drilling and production units, etc. self-dependently while receiving no help from foreign experts during the non-conventional war imposed against us.
We boast about the fact that Oil Ministry was the first Iranian ministry whose head, Tondguyan, bravely resisted against Iraqi forces, captured and tortured by them, and finally was martyred by the enemy. We have sacrificed over one thousand martyrs in the ministry to keep the oil industry safe and solid.
I hope we can move in line with our long-term, strategic plan by doing our best in world’s markets, discovering new oil and gas reserves, transferring technology, and awarding international tenders in oil, gas, and petrochemical industry.
Happy the hundred anniversary of oil industry to all Iranians, especially the hard-working employees in the oil industry, National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC), and all its affiliated companies. I am happy that we have a clear-cut strategic plan with which we can accelerate the development of the oil industry. We take on and fulfill our heavy responsibility in “the year of innovation and flourishment,” and do our best to safeguard the oil and gas industry and reserves to hand them over safe and sound to posterity.

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